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This is Markdown parser application. I coded this project to practice on my knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery,
AJAX, & PHP in a real project.


Here are some ideas to benefit from this project:

  • Take this project as a task and try to make it, and if you could not do a specific section, see how I make it in the
    source code (use comments to reach this section).
  • Extract a code of a specific section and use it in your project.
  • Review source code to see how other people code their projects.
  • Edit on this project after studying its code well, to know how to work in pair-programming with other people
  • Upgrade this project, and add your own sections or pages


Here are the guidelines to run this project on your localhost:

  1. Download, then install XAMPP web server
  2. Download this project, then rename its directory to markdown-parser
  3. Copy the markdown-parser directory to the htdocs directory which exists in XAMPP installation path
  4. Start XAMPP control panel, then start Apache web server
  5. Create a virtual host for this application like md-parser.local. If you don’t know how to make virtual hosts in
    XAMPP, follow these instructions for Windows,
    or Linux
  6. Open your browser, and go to http://md-parser.local (or the virtual host route which you made), to open the home
    page of this application


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • PHP

This application is fully responsive


Copyright and license

License: GPL v3
License: GPL v3

If you find my work good, consider giving it a ⭐ or fork-ing to show some ❤️. It helps me stay on track and
be motivated.

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