Top Objective-C Frameworks & Libraries for analytics

ClickHouseยฎ is a free analytics DBMS for big data

GoAccess is a real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems or through your browser....

๐Ÿ“Š Cube โ€” Open-Source Analytics API for Building Data Apps

Apache Arrow is a cross-language development platform for in-memory data. It specifies a standardized language-independent columnar memory format for flat and hier...

Tracking the impact of COVID-19 in India

Countly helps you get insights from your application. Available self-hosted or on private cloud.

Distributed PostgreSQL as an extension - for multi-tenant and real-time analytics workloads

๐Ÿ“Š Analyze website stack from the terminal ๐Ÿ’ป

Columnar store for analytics with Postgres, developed by Citus Data. Check out the mailing list at!forum/cstore-users or join our...

A site that displays up to date COVID-19 stats, powered by fastpages.

Public analytics as a Node.js microservice. No sysadmin experience required! ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Countly Product Analytics Android SDK

Career Resources for Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data and Business Analytics Career Repository...

Browser extension that strips Google Analytics (UTM) parameters, and various other click tracking tokens, from URL query strings...

Countly Product Analytics iOS SDK with macOS, watchOS and tvOS support.

cuGraph - RAPIDS Graph Analytics Library

Actionable analytics designed to combat threats

An open source framework for building data analytic applications.

Cyber Analytics Repository

Explore and visualize analytical datasets

Code for Agile Data Science 2.0, O'Reilly 2017, Second Edition

It counts how many times your GitHub profile has been viewed. Free cloud micro-service.

Tools library for unity 3d game engine: animator graph helpers, serialization (json), localization, event routing (eventbus, ui actions), embedded scripting, uGui...

Distributed database warehouse for transactions, search and analytics across time.

KNIME Analytics Platform

GoogleAnalyticsTracker - A C# library for tracking Google Analytics

Projections of COVID-19, in standardized format

Call Analytics Solution for Freeswitch, Asterisk, Kamailio and other VoIP Switches

ClickHouse Native Protocol JDBC implementation

CrateDB is a distributed SQL database that makes it simple to store and analyze massive amounts of machine data in real-time....

A curated list of crypto project trackers and analytics dashboards.

An open-source web analytics software. Developed by using PHP + MySQL + Redis, Can be easily deployed on your own server, 100% data ownership....

JavaScript VisualizationTools

The AWS Amplify CLI is a toolchain for simplifying serverless web and mobile development.

Open-source web platform for creating charts out of different data sources (databases and APIs) ๐Ÿ“ˆ๐Ÿ“Š

CDP Public Cloud is an integrated analytics and data management platform deployed on cloud services. It offers broad data analytics and artificial intelligence fun...

An open-source, hassle-free, self-hostable Heroku & Netlify alternative

Software analytics tool that helps developers analyse and improve software quality.

Centreon is a network, system and application monitoring tool. Centreon is the only AIOps Platform Providing Holistic Visibility to Complex IT Workflows from Cloud...

Diskover Community Edition - Open source file indexer, file search engine and data management and analytics powered by Elasticsearch...

oneAPI Data Analytics Library (oneDAL)

Command line interface used by all WakaTime text editor plugins.

dbt enables data analysts and engineers to transform their data using the same practices that software engineers use to build applications....

A behavioral analytics library that uses dom mutations and user interactions to generate aggregated insights....