Top Objective-C Frameworks & Libraries for hud

A full screen of the HUD when loading the data (Objective-C).

A simple replacement for UIActivityIndicatorView

CaamDau 系列组件组合! iOS Swift 通用业务组件库 & Cocoa便利性扩展。Form流式模型化UI排版、Timer计时管理、AppDelegate解耦方案、HUD提示窗、Page分页导航、Indexes侧边索引、TopBar自定义导航栏、InputBox输入框扩展、Router组件化路由协议、IconFo...

Hudson 2.x CI Server. Hudson 3.x is available at

A colorful progress loading control for you iPhone or iPad APP.

Chrysan 是一个简单易用的 HUD 库,使用 iOS 自带的 UIBlurEffect 毛玻璃特效,支持自定义动画。

Custom CSGO HUD for Observers and Commentators

A queue-based, HUD style alert controller.

Having a hard time presenting overlays like login screens, alerts, huds? Use FCOverlay to present your view controllers on top of everything else in a freshly crea...

:open_file_folder: MacForge Plugin that cleans up HUDs on macOS

1).封装项目开发常用的网络请求框架. 2).封装自定义的TabBar(可带中间加号按钮,微博样式) .3).封装自定义的NavigationBar,系统原生和完全自定义类型,可随时变动左右item样式及响应,titleLabel多样式. 4).loading覆盖层,空白页面指示框. 5).常用的字符串.字典操作.6).纯代...



Beautiful alert message/ progress hud component for iOS Objective-C

a powerful Toast by swift and Objectivie-C, which has hud and waiting Style . it also has Appearance,Cancel, Custom toast content and avoid overlap....

PUGifLoaderControl - swift is a clean and easy-to-use loader meant to display the progress of an ongoing task on iOS...

Cross platform rudp library with C++11

Custom CS:GO HUD's - Using GameStateIntegration

🕹️ Example for the Lexogrine HUD Manager system

ASM and C open source software development kit for the NEC PC Engine

A Chrome Extension that monitors your Hudson Build Server and displays the current build status

react.js based cs:go custom hud

Simple car HUD resource for FiveM

Code based on work. The final goal of this project is to create a modular API to let C# developer create VR overlays....

Generate certificate locally or automatically send the generated certificate via email with custom message...

Landing page from styled components crash course