Top Objective-C Frameworks & Libraries for ibeacon

An in/out tracking app for iOS 7+ that uses iBeacon and Geofencing.

An iBeacon plugin for Phonegap / Cordova 3.x and upwards. Supports both iOS and Android (contributions are welcome)...

A very quick way to get up and running with iBeacon broadcast , monitoring and ranging.

AngularJS wrapper for the Apache Cordova iBeacon plugin

Cross-platform (iOS/Android) iBeacon plugin for Cordova and Phonegap

A shared iBeacon identifier scheme for common personal use cases

Detect iBeacon using Spark Core and BLE Mini

Instructions how to configure Diymall's HM10 iBeacon

User Auto CheckIn using iBeacon BLE technology

Nodered bleacon integration for read and emulate ibeacons

Experimental JavaScript library to scan for iBeacons

Using this Blueetooth unit as a Master and a Slave as well as an iBeacon

iBeacon, CoreBluetooth, CoreLocation and MultipeerConnectivity Showcases

iBeacon implementation for TI CC2541

Backend and Frontend for CoThings.

iBeacon transmitter program for CLI

Kontakt iBeacon view battery level in Swift

Cylon.js adaptor/driver for Apple iBeacon technology and Altbeacon beacons

CMS to handle iBeacon information

A cat live position tracker. Estimote beacons used with the BLE Mini module (RedBear) implemented on a Spark Core for live updates....

Beacon radar view for UIKit

The Geofancy Cloud app, your ultimate tool for home automation, iBeacons and Geofences

The BONI platform provides a complete backend solution for your mobile application that facilitate the interaction with iBeacons...

mqtt client examples for Wireless iBeacon Receiver

Demonstration BrightSign presentation with iOS app that uses an iBeacon to notify nearby visitors to register for a contest...

IBeacon Transmit and Scan for Ionic Capacitor

An Android source code of Estimote SDK. without any limit on Android. It can detect all iBeacons.