Top Objective-C Frameworks & Libraries for rapid development

CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP - Official Repository

a microservice framework for rapid development of micro services in Go with rich eco-system

ServiceComb Java Chassis is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for rapid development of microservices in Java, providing service registration, service discovery, dyn...


c++ toolkit for rapid development of live graphical apps and games

A Web Rapid Development Framework For .NETCore2.2 Based On AdminLTE

Production-grade rapid controller development with built in love for API and Search

Cocoa meets WebKit for more rapid UI development

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a modern, rapid,cross-platform web development framework developed in c++17

A Web Rapid Development Framework For .NET4.472 Based On AdminLTE

A Web Rapid Development Framework For .NET Core

A Web Rapid Development Framework For .NET4.52

A Rails5, ActionCable, Redux/React ChatApp Example, now with Webpack/HMR for rapid development

U++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development framework focused on programmer's productivity. It includes a set of libraries (GUI, SQL, Network etc.),...

🦅 Awesome example for rapid Vue.js development using vue-cli3 .

A rapid development theme for CakePHP built with Twitter Bootstrap, Sass; and Font Awesome

A Hidden Markov Model Application and C++ Library for Rapid and Flexible Development of HMMs

Canari v3 - next gen Maltego framework for rapid remote and local transform development

Rapid Development C utility library

Local and Remote Maltego Rapid Transform Development Framework

libRETS is RETS client library written in C++ that allows rapid development of RETS client applications. By saving the developer from dealing with the RETS protoco...

CSS Terminal is a bookmarklet for rapid CSS development, prototyping and debugging.

Based on the application framework developed by .Net Standard, it is committed to rapid development, standardization of some standards, and so on....

The Preside Platform is an open source application development platform for the Lucee language that provides content management, rapid admin application developmen...

A lightweight CSS library that provides a set of predesigned elements useful for rapid web development. It follows a modern flat design using a colorful palette wi...

C++ framework for rapid server development

TenIO is an open-source project for making online games that includes a java NIO (Non-blocking I/O) based server specifically designed for multiplayer games and si...

ROAD – Rapid Objective-C Applications Development

UIKit & Foundation toolbelt for quick prototyping and rapid development

Light-netty-client is a light framework for rapid development of asynchronous clients based on netty 4.x...

A template for rapid development of Sanic based RESTful Microservices

Platform for rapid application development.

Anno 是一个微服务快速开发框架,底层通讯可以随意切换 grpc、thrift。自带服务发现、调用链追踪、Cron 调度、限流、事件总线、CQRS 、DDD、类似MVC的开发体验,插件化开发。 Anno is a microservices rapid development framework, the underlyi...

a architecture for rapid buliding Nextjs-koa-radis-ReactHooks-SSR development

A CLI Tooling based on San.js for rapid development.

Domain Driven Design (DDD) ultra-lightweight rapid development architecture(support .net 5.0)

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Joget is an open source no-code/low-code application platform that combines the best of rapid application development, business process automation and workflow man...