Top Objective-C Frameworks & Libraries for toolchains

This repo contains CoreRT, an experimental .NET Core runtime optimized for AOT (ahead of time compilation) scenarios, with the accompanying compiler toolchain....

The AWS Amplify CLI is a toolchain for simplifying serverless web and mobile development.

A versatile (cross-)toolchain generator.

CMake toolchain file and other scripts for the Android NDK

A CMake toolchain file for iOS, macOS, watchOS & tvOS C/C++/Obj-C++ development

ChipWhisperer - the complete open-source toolchain for side-channel power analysis and glitching attacks...

C to Go translation tool supporting Go toolchain migration

Cingulata (pronounced "tchingulata") is a compiler toolchain and RTE for running C++ programs over encrypted data by means of fully homomorphic encryption techniqu...

SMACK Software Verifier and Verification Toolchain

Globally installable Reason toolchain.

Tool for easily installing and managing multiple versions of the Nim programming language.

WASI-enabled WebAssembly C/C++ toolchain

A toolchain file and examples using cmake for iOS development (this is a fork of a similar project found on

Latest GCC Cross Compiler & Native (ARM & ARM64) CI generated precompiled standalone toolchains for all Raspberry Pis. 🍇...

Toolchain and libraries for C/C++ programming on the TI-84+ CE calculator series

Cargo subcommands to invoke the LLVM tools shipped with the Rust toolchain

A C++ Compute/Graphics Library and Toolchain enabling same-source CUDA/Host/Metal/OpenCL/Vulkan C++ programming and execution....

C compiler toolchain in Rust. [WIP, early development stage]

CMake toolchain configurations for ARM

Open source toolchain for the TI Tiva C dev board

Use Android Studio 3.0 (>=2.2) and Cmake Toolchain to make your Android device fly with Opencv (OpenCV 3.40)...

Wasienv: WASI Development Toolchain for C/C++

Experimental toolchain to compile and run Chainer models

YANG-based toolchain including NETCONF and RESTCONF interfaces and an interactive CLI

A cross compiler toolchain targeting macOS/iOS/etc.

An OCaml cross-toolchain for Android and several useful libraries

A curated list of Nintendo 64 development resources including toolchains, documentation, emulators, example code, and more...

A (free) open-source N64 development toolchain.

An OCaml cross-toolchain for Windows and several useful libraries

Proton Clang toolchains builds in the form of a continuously updating Git repository. Clone with --depth=1....

Work-in-progress tool to reverse unity's IL2CPP toolchain.