A cross-platform tool for unbundled front-end development that doesn't depend on Node or requires you to install a complex toolchain


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Perla is a cross-platform single executable binary CLI Tool for a Development Server of Single Page Applications (like vite/webpack but no node required!).

If that sounds like something nice, Check The docs!


The current v1.0.0 development is taking place in the dev branch, please check it out, also the releases tab contains the most recen betas to try out!

Existing tools

If you actually use and like nodejs, then you would be better taking a look at the tools that inspired this repository

  • jspm - Import map handling, they are the best at manipulating import maps ❤️
  • vite
  • snowpack

These tools have a bigger community and rely on an even bigger ecosystem plus they support plugins via npm so if you’re using node stick with them they are a better choice
Perla’s unbundled development was inspired by both snowpack and vite, CDN dependencies were inspired by snowpack’s remote sources development