Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for asset management

A free open source IT asset/license management system

GLPI is a Free Asset and IT Management Software package, Data center management, ITIL Service Desk, licenses tracking and software auditing....

An ultra-simple-to-use assets management library for PHP

Theme and asset management for laravel

A better asset management package for Laravel.

Smarty templating engine integration for Codeigniter 3.0+ with inbuilt theming and asset management.

Digital Asset Management PHP app

Asset management package for Laravel 4, that harnesses the power of GruntJS

Yii2 Webpack2 asset management

Better asset management library for fuelphp (with minification!)

JS/CSS Asset management library for CodeIgniter

Laravel 7 demo project for managing stock in multiple hospitals. Partly generated with

Assets management for Laravel application

Asset Management for CodeIgniter Framework

Asset management library for CodeIgniter

A module to allow for the replacement and version management of asset files.

An Asset Management Bundle for Symfony2

A flexible asset management tool. See our new OpenSource project based on the idea of yourCMDB: DATAGERRY...

A featue-rich and extensible asset management plugin for CakePHP 2.x supporting (asynchronous) JS, CSS, meta tags, and more...

Mephisto style assets management for Wolf CMS. This plugin is currently unmaintained. Let me know if you want to take over....

:maple_leaf: Asset management package for the Laravel 5 framework. Quite experimental.

Asset management and asset bundling package for FuelPHP

Asset management for Laravel 5

A complete asset management solution for the Yii Framework. Handles local and remote environments, minifying and combining, and publishes changed files to Amazon's...

A Yii Framework 2 component for using assets in different environments (Local/CDNs)

An asset and template management module for ProcessWire.

Yii extension for js/less asset compilation and management

Package for assets management in WordPress.

An asset management package for Laravel 4.

Laravel package for doing REST API queries against Woodwings Elvis DAM (Digital Asset Management)

This is simple web based Inventory management project for any organisation, company or institute. It is made using HTML5, CSS3, vanilla JavaScript, core Php projec...