Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for code analysis

⚗️ Adds static analysis to Laravel improving developer productivity and code quality.

Static code analysis to find violations in a dependency graph

A static php code analysis tool using the Graph Theory

Check Drupal code for deprecations and discover bugs via static analysis

Extension for PHPStan to allow analysis of Drupal code.

Parser Reflection API - Provides source code analysis without loading classes into the PHP memory

An extendable, XPath driven, static code analysis tool for Magento, built on the top of PHP-Parser library....

A combined runtime/static code-analysis tool, that can trace parameter types

CapAnalysis source code repository

Variables plugin for PHP Codesniffer static analysis tool. (Up for adoption, I don't work in PHP any more)...

Modern code coverage analysis library

Code and model for the Video Event Reconstruction and Analysis (VERA) system. ACM Multimedia.

A QA static analysis code, with a different approach

A Vim plugin for PHPStan - It calls `phpstan` to do static analysis of your PHP code and displays the errors in Vim's quickfix...

A repo for various OpenSimulator support tools (not in the core distro). This includes analysis code, infrastructucture (sim/robust management), command generator...

AutoIt Obfuscator lets you protect AutoIt script source code against analysis, reverse engineering & decompilation using advanced obfuscation techniques and polymo...

Generate stubs from any PHP code for IDE completion and static analysis.

Simple text mining code that can be used to perform basic content analysis.

Code analysis tool for consistency verification of function/method calls and in-line documentation (docblocks)...

Automated analysis of PHP code.

Combines various code quality tools into a single command with shared output for easier CI integration...

Gulp example for automating PHP code analysis, testing and documentation.

Configured GrumPHP with bunch of tools for static code analysis Symfony Framework

A static analysis tool to gather a few metrics, like what code should have priority in refactoring.

Posted and actual wait time data, code, and analysis for Disney's Animal Kingdom, 2012 thru Feb 2019

Elgg plugin for PHP code analysis and refactoring.

proofreader-php is a tool for enforcing opinionated coding standards and conventions through static analysis of the code....

PHP Static Analysis Tool - discover bugs in your code without running it!

laravel5.8版本源码分析laravel framework source code analysis and interpretation written by zh

workerman source code analysis and interpretation

[READ-ONLY] Documentation generator for coding standard or static analysis rules"

Emergency Map allows you to effectively visualize multi-dimensional information, has an intuitive interface. The developed code is easily modified for use in a var...

Extension for PHPStan to allow analysis of Magento 1 code.

Code analysis toolset for Prestashop module development without configuration pain.