Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for code quality

🔰 Instant PHP quality checks from your console

A PHP code-quality tool

⚗️ Adds static analysis to Laravel improving developer productivity and code quality.

Content management system for eCommerce apps created on Sylius platform. Built with Sylius code quality, flexibility, BDD....

Allows old code to use new standards

Detect banned code through PHPStan

ZanPHP is an agile Web application development framework written in PHP5 that uses different design patterns and best practices to create applications more quickly...

Runs PHP tools to check basic code quality (phpmd, phpcs, phpdcd, phpcp)

Code Climate Engine for PHP Code Sniffer

Sample code and exercises for my quality PHP workshop

Code Quality scripts that can be run via Composer.

A Symfony2 edition that provides all PHP QA tools you need to measure the quality of your code.

Kirby CMS file method to optimize images using ImageOptim within your template code.

A Code browser for PHP files with syntax highlighting and colored error-sections found by quality assurance tools like PHPUnit or PHP_CodeSniffer....

Example code for talk about how to use a variety of PHPCS rules and standards to get an indication of code quality for WP plugins and themes...

FLOW3 Helper Tool to check quality of Unit Tests, validating your code coverage

Custom WordPress plugin boilerplate with emphasis on code quality.

(deprecated) A Lithium plugin to ensure code quality.

(unmaintained) Code quality assurance for li₃.

Github mirror of MediaWiki extension WikibaseQualityConstraints - our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see

Pretty Bitrix: library that helps to write a high-quality code on Bitrix

Combines various code quality tools into a single command with shared output for easier CI integration...

Check code quality once PHPUnit tests pass

Drupal module that pushes site errors to Airbrake automatically. Alpha-quality code at best right now....

A tool for checking and fixing code style

Output your PHP CodeSniffer report as a GitLab Code Quality report

Document drafts and alpha quality code that may or may not go into CI4

A set of PHP code quality tools

Tools to check and fix PHP coding mistakes and codestyle

PHP code quality project

Gitlab Report for PHP_CodeSniffer (display the violations in the Gitlab CI/CD Code Quality Report)

Instagram extension for Magento makes your website more beautiful by integrating quality instagram images. Adding and editing instagram blocks saves time and requi...

Modern version of pocketmine forms API, ported to PHP 8.0+ with high quality code and phpstan integration...