Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for continuous integration

PHPCI is a free and open source continuous integration tool specifically designed for PHP.

:outbox_tray: An open source self-hosted continuous integration and deployment system - QQ群: 656868

Distributed continuous integration testing for JavaScript.

PHP Censor is an open source self-hosted continuous integration server for PHP projects.

virtualized environment runner for Continuous Integration servers

Detect continuous integration environment and get information of current build

Simple common, starter, empty, boilerplate-bundle to show best practice bundle development for Symfony2.1. This bundle has the right directory structure, coding st...

PHP Continuous Integration example using Phing, generates phar files, pear package, documentation, pmd, cpd, and other statistics and artifacts ready for publicati...

This project is no longer maintained - Criterion is a Continuous Integration app built in PHP using MongoDB. Criterion is very easy to setup, and you can add GIT r...

Cintient is a Continuous Integration web application written in PHP. It was written to be simple to setup and straightforward to use and aims to bring CI practices...

A Jenkins continuous integration boilerplate project set up for use with Laravel conventions.

Generate the configuration yaml file for continuous integration services such as Travis CI, Github Actions, Circle CI and Gitlab CI...

Helpers and continuous integration tools for mobile development.

Symfony 2 bundle that provides functionality for Continuous Integration & Automated Deployments

A lightweight, fun Continuous Integration server written with Kohana 3.1

Continuous integration for VIP Go repositories

trivago continuous integration executor

Drupal Continuous Integration Kickstarter

Redports is a continuous integration platform for FreeBSD ports.

A simple yet powerful Git hook receiver and deployment processor for continuous integration

Continuous Database Integration extension for Symphony

Xinc - Continuous Integration Server

Custom tailored continuous integration system based on KVM running on

CakePHP Continuous Integration and Deployment App

Demo Drupal project with Continuous Integration via CircleCI

Because not all Continuous Integration solutions need to be named after old men.

A PHP coding style continuous integration service

Base files for starting Drupal7 Development with Testing and Continuous Integration

php-based application that helps you track build artifacts from your continuous integration setup

Continuous Integration for the Kaltura Platform - Packaging, Build, Deploy, Test and Distribute

Continuous Integration with Circle CI for Acquia using Drupal 8

Jenkins, Bamboo, AWS Continuous Integration Monitoring Board

An organized and object-oriented boilerplate for WordPress plugin development and testing. Includes Composer, Codeception (unit/acceptance testing), PHPCodeSniffer...