Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for date and time

Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in PHP w/ i18n support. Inspired by moment.js

A php class to check Japanese holiday and weekend. 土日祝日を判定するphpクラス。

PHP library to work with date and time in different timezones & formats

Date and time library for PHP

A parser for date and time written in natural language for PHP.

Date and Time Picker field for Advanced Custom Fields v3 and v4

Formatter for date and time ranges with i18n support

Extends the features of PHP DateTime and DateTimeZone classes to ease the handling of times, time zones and time zone locations....

An extented version of php 5 DateTime class with integrated IntlDateFormatter functionality which adds support for multiple calendars and locales provided by ICU p...

Date and time management for Symphony

Relative Date and Time (multi-language) plugin for Kirby 2 CMS

By default, WooCommerce Subscriptions will calculate the next payment date for a subscription from the time of the last payment. This plugin changes that to preser...

⏳🗺 Automatically convert an Eloquent model's dates to and from the current user's timezone

The project’s primary goals consist of: A robust and effective web based online banking system. Extending functionality without compromising the security. Person...

Magento Extension to track customer login date & time, ip address and user agent. Work in Progress.

[ABANDONED] Time provider, providing consistent current date, time, datetime and timezone across the request....

Extended DateTime Class For Bangla Date and Time

Immutable date and time for PHP with a convenient interface

Add fields to customer choose the wanted day and time for your delivery.

99% accurate visitors tracking system. includes tracking of visitors IP, browser, platform, date, time, country, state and town....

An extented version of php5 DateTime Class that adds some more functionality to it and makes it extensible for other calendar systems....

Time provider, providing consistent current date, time, datetime and timezone across the request.

Replace Symphony date fields with a simple date and time selector.

Celest provides a alternative date and time API for PHP.

Date and time behaviors and helpers for Yii2 framework

Recognize and parse multiple date/time formats.

Date formatting unit. Supports relative time ("1 day ago"), uses easy-to-remember format strings ("d#" for day, "D__" for its name) and supports natural localizati...

Show or hide last update date and time on pages and posts very easily.

DatePicker and DateTimePicker Input Control

Date and time related processing for Yii framework

Turn any Eloquent Model into a schedulable one. Scheduled Model will be returned in query results at specified date and time....