Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for debugging and profiling

A powerful debug and profilers tool for the Phalcon Framework

CodeIgniter Developer Toolbar is a third party library based on Profiler Library with additional functionality for debugging and optimisation, Database, Models, He...

Command-line interface for Clockwork, the tool for debugging and profiling PHP applications

WordPess benchmark debug/profiling tool. Great for profiling and/or development.

Twig Profiler allows you to profile sections of your Twig templates, and see the resulting timings in the Yii2 Debug Toolbar...

[Symphony 2] View profile and debug information in Firebug

This repo intends to be a tutorial for debugging and profiling php applications

Debugging and profiling console for Solar

An add-on for the WordPress Debug Bar to log and profile remote requests

Debugging and profiling plugin for October CMS

Phalcon Debugbar for PHP Phalcon 3.x.x is development tool for PhalconPHP applications. You can view 4 standard panels right now - execution timer, view rendererin...

Spiral: Profiler and Debug Panel

FuelPHP Framework - Profiling and Debugging library

PHP Library for profiling and debugging

A php debugging tool that supports stack and array traces with profiling information.

Miniature sample application to be used for showcasing debugging, tracing and profiling

A bundle that integrates Jenkins logs into the Symfony2 web debug toolbar and profiler.

A plugin for ExpressionEngine that suppresses template debugger and output profiler regardless of control panel setting. Useful when testing RSS pages while on a d...

Logging, debugging and profiling package

Laravel SQL profiling and debug package

SwiftMailer Extension Bundle for debugging with Behat and Web Profiler

Quick and dirty logger with profiling capabilities. Useful for debugging production sites

Connectors for SQL Databases with parameter binding, escaping and mapping. Also provides interfaces for debugging and profiling....

Innocoder Debugger is a PHP debugger and profiler for Innomatic Legacy. For Innomatic Platform use Symfony profiler instead....