Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for dependency management

WordPress plugin dependency management.

Simple common, starter, empty, boilerplate-bundle to show best practice bundle development for Symfony2.1. This bundle has the right directory structure, coding st...

Adding Composer dependency management to WP CLI.

Code repoistory to accompany my Smashing Magazine article Better Dependency Management In Team-Based WordPress Projects With Composer...

Start developing new WordPress websites using dependency management tools and automated deployments

WordPress dependency management with Composer

Person management dependency for Laravel Enso

Simple dependency graph management in PHP

Lite & fast micro PHP dependency management library that is **easy to use**.

Company management dependency for Laravel Enso

Dependency management system for PHP 5.3 applications running on *nix using the RocketSled framework

Centralised composer dependency management for WordPress projects.

Portable Context- And Dependency-Management

Basic layout of a WordPress Git repository using Composer for dependency management.

A very basic and minimalist component for config management and dependency injection.

Team management dependency for Laravel Enso

simple php asset management: publish assets (js, css etc) from vendor, support dependencies

Dependency management for easily deploying PHP applications

A PHP Minimalist Framework to understand dependencies management.

Provides a set of common interfaces for Application Dependency Management.

Base Project using Laravel 5.1 with several dependencies to enable a User Management System

Prevent execution of certain drush commands when project uses composer for dependency management

Small very fast Dependency and Configruation Management Framework inspired by Google-Guice and these two Google Talks:

App Dependency Management system for University R&D project

Hello dependency management!

A PHP Minimalist Framework to understand dependencies management.

Intended to satisfy platform dependency management for composer

Composer - The Ultimate Guide for PHP Dependency Management

Dependency management with composer management

Dependency management with composer nd practice project phpmailer(gmail server)

A small PHP MVC Framework using composer for dependency management

A pz module for PHP Composer - Dependency Management for PHP

A group of intelligent DI services that provide disk paths to important locations such as tempDir, wwwDir, vendorDir, logDir and other system constants for your ap...

[UNSUPPORTED] Adding Composer dependency management to WordPress

The project estate management system is created using laravel. it has two set of module, admin and user module. please feel free to clone this project for your per...