Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for framework extras

Grocery CRUD is a PHP Codeigniter Framework library that creates a full functional CRUD system without the requirement of extra customisation to the JavaScripts or...

(DEPRECATED) Slim Framework resources

giix is Gii Extended, a code generator for Yii PHP framework – with extras!

Simple framework which will help you to build extra product data fields, e.g. secondary product title, vendor info, custom message for individual product, etc....

Extras package for the Yet Another Framework

Addons and code snippets for Nette Framework (unofficial).

"Extras" repository from Zend Framework 1.x, containing jQuery integration, console forking, and Firebird DB adapter...

This is simple Laravel 5.8 tutorial for beginner who want to learn basic Crud Mysql Database Operation in Laravel 5.8 framework with extra feature like file upload...

Slim Framework 2 extension allowing for RESTful API implementation

Patata Framework es una herramienta dirigida para los desarrolladores que desean empezar a comprender el patrón arquitectónico MVC desde un punto de vista simple y...

Bunch of FormTypes extending some basic Symfony PHP framework FormTypes. ExtensibleTypes makes it possible to allow extra choices by Symfony ChoiceTypes (ChoiceTyp...

Extra for MODX Revo for starting with Twitter Bootstrap - open source front-end framework

Provides extra classes and configurations for Symfony framework.

Provides basic compatibility with bbPress and the Genesis Framework with a few extra goodies.

Assets, Frontend boilerplate and Frameworks to mix into nterchange.

A Laravel 5 CQS Skeleton with some added extras

Extra validators for Phalcon PHP Framework

Extra Fields for the Vafpress Framework

Array helpers provides extra static methods allowing you to deal with arrays more efficiently.

Repository REST service for MODX, based on Slim Framework

Extra packages for Joomla Framework

A complete framework using Slim Framework, Redbean for database, Twig for templates and Bootstrap for that extra delicious spice!...

Useful extensions for the Codeception test framework

This Package helps you to use Lumen framework as a microservice with AMQP and JMS Serializer without extra knowledge....

Zend Framework 1 extra libraries

Extra resources to extend the Phenix Framework

extra packages and classes for the libvaloa framework.

Framework orientado a objeto escrito en php 5.3, ligero, pocas configuraciones extras, escalable, compatibilidad con multiples bases de datos ya que utiliza PDO...

Extra resources to extend the Phenix Framework

Provides a set of extras validation constraints for the Symfony framework.

A set of extra validation methods for the Laravel framework.

experiment on structuring slim framework with some extra packages

Exception framework with an extra touch of reality

Aplus Framework Database Extra Library