Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for imagery

Imagery simplifies image manipulations.

n98-magerun module to fetch remote product imagery.

Thumbsnag crawls an HTML document and finds imagery that best represents the given page.

Serve contextually optimized images to speed up page rendering and improve the user experience!

A Textpattern CMS plugin for managing images in the Write panel.

Webapp to create images in the corporate design of the GREENs of Switzerland. Just another school project 🎒...

easy image manipulation and safe uploading for php

Imagery Offset Database Server

Support for Images and Image Collections as attributes in your Laravel Eloquent Models

Tool to do basic processing, labelling and category suggestion for commons images

only the latest version without any history

Wordpress plugin for creating hero images

Symfony2 bundle to use Bing Maps Imagery API REST

Greenbase holds both the website and the imagery/database logic for organizing the climate change ecosystem....

Manages surveillance imagery.

Enhancing our DAMS imagery with new data

wordpress plugin to add some imagery

:eyeglasses: A laravel implementation for the Regressive Imagery Dictionary

First test of syncing brook imagery for Laravel projects.

just a database of map imagery with a rest interface

The evolution of an area, using the earth imagery API from nasa

An imagery website to book sports facilities, and join courses or shared session in CUHK.

Download Argentina IR imagery from GOES to perform cloud coverage analysis -- This is a fun, interactive and educational web application for those who are passionate abou...