Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for search

This repo is archived. Thanks for wooyun! 乌云公开漏洞、知识库爬虫和搜索 crawl and search for public bug(vulnerability) and drops...

This script was made to aid the process of migrating PHP and MySQL based websites. Works with most common CMSes....

Anime Scene Search by Image

A fully featured full text search engine written in PHP

A php trait to search laravel models

Open Source search based on OpenStreetMap data

Elasticsearch PHP integration for your Symfony project using Elastica.

A fast and flexible search and query engine for WordPress.

Driver for Laravel Scout search package based on

Advanced search in search engines, enables analysis provided to exploit GET / POST capturing emails & urls, with an internal custom validation junction for each ta...

An easy way to use the official Elastic Search client in your Laravel applications.

🍀 RobotLoader: high performance and comfortable autoloader that will search and autoload classes within your application....

Smile ElasticSuite - Magento 2 merchandising and search engine built on ElasticSearch

Pragmatically search through models and other sources

🔍 Generates database queries based on one unique string


⚡️ A fully-featured and blazing-fast PHP API client to interact with Algolia.

Unmaintained: Laravel Searchy makes user driven searching easy with fuzzy search, basic string matching and more to come!...

NO LONGER MAINTAINED. MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT TO MAINTAIN THIS. :) A browsable, searchable and easily customizable archive and backup for your tweets...

Store and retrieve objects from Algolia or Elasticsearch

Search among multiple models with ElasticSearch and Laravel Scout

Search Plugin for CakePHP

A search package for Laravel 5.

乌云公开漏洞、知识库搜索 search from

Instagram Data Scraper, Instagram Web Scraper, Instagram Super Scraper is a PHP script which takes @user-name or #keywords as input and returns all information rel...

Production-grade rapid controller development with built in love for API and Search

👻 Official PHP wrapper for the Unsplash API

Scout Extended: The Full Power of Algolia in Laravel

SphinxQL Query Builder generates SphinxQL, a SQL dialect, which is used to query the Sphinx search engine. (Composer Package)...

Laravel Scout provides a driver based solution to searching your Eloquent models.

Fast, searchable field-level encryption for PHP projects

Instagram Data Scraper, Instagram Web Scraper, Instagram Super Scraper is a PHP script which takes @user-name or #keywords as input and returns all information rel...

music search and download.

Livewire component for dependant and/or searchable select inputs

:star: Our core search API repository

Laravel package to search through multiple Eloquent models. Supports sorting, pagination, scoped queries, eager load relationships and searching through single or...

An ultra-fast Laravel docs search workflow for Alfred 3+.

:mag: SEO Helper is a package that provides tools and helpers for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Alfred search suggest workflow for various popular websites.

Diskover Community Edition - Open source file indexer, file search engine and data management and analytics powered by Elasticsearch...