Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for task runners

Modern task runner for PHP

Soy is not a recursive acronym - PHP task runner focused on clean syntax and allowing flexible implementation...

Structured, modular and test-driven front-end development and build workflow with Grunt task runner. Includes boilerplate code for Backbone with single/multipage R...

A database task-runner (especially for transforming a production database to a sandbox).

A simple PHP task runner based on Iterators

PHP task runner based on Robo, focused on extensibility.

Drush CommandStack for Robo Task Runner

Yii powered task runner and deployment solution

Droid: Modern PHP Task Runner for Symfony Console Commands

Extra Tasks for the Robo Task Runner -

Drupal Console CommandStack for Robo Task Runner

Example Symfony 2 projects which uses AngularJS MV* and the Grunt Task Runner

Docker compose extension for Robo task runner

A docker task runner, based on

Phinx integration with Robo task runner

Task runner written in php

Docker commands for Robo PHP task runner

Periodic is a fully unit tested PHP based task runner.

A Scheduler / Task runner for PHP with Plugable Backends

Parameter file reader/writer for Robo task runner

Vagrant tasks for runner

Drupal8 Stack/Functionality for Robo Task Runner (only Drupal8)

This composer package integrates the Robo task runner with the Acquia Cloud API v2 PHP SDK to facilitate running Acquia CLI tasks either in Robo or Drush....

A PHP based cron job runner. Manage, monitor, log and react to problems with your scheduled tasks.

phpDBAdmin is a powerful database tool for performing critical tasks on one or more databases. Modules include verification of data sources availability, data stru...

SSH Task Runner for OctoberCMS

Front end development environment using task runners: grunt and gulp.

Resilient Task Runner, A circuit breaker implementation in PHP, highly configurable task runner with number of max tries, back-off factor, maximum sleep time, and...

The task runner you always wanted

A database task-runner (especially for transforming a production database to a sandbox).

A versatile and lightweight PHP task runner, designed with simplicity in mind.