Top PHP Frameworks & Libraries for virtual machines

A generator service to make your Vagrant + Puppet web Virtual Machines easily.

Warren Abstract Machine - A embedded Prolog compiler and virtual machine for PHP

A Xen PHP API for managment of Hypervisor and Citrix Server and their Virtual Machines for Laravel

Direct links to virtual machines for IE6, IE7, and IE8

simpleSAMLphp installed on a vagrant virtual machine and hosted in Docker.

Import devices and virtual machines from netbox into icinga2 to monitor them.

The Ultimate Tool to Manage php application in virtual machine.

PHP development environment in a Debian 7.0 RC1 Vagrant Virtual Machine

Java Virtual Machine implemented on PHP. [DEPRECATED] Please, check jtransc instead:

A virtual machine for testing WP-API client libraries

A virtual machine setup for testing WordPress in different environments.

A web interface for managing Hyper-V and its Virtual Machines.

A php-based KVM virtual machine management platform

Virtual Machines for Elefant Development using Vagrant + Chef

Scheme as a Virtual Machine

simpleSAMLphp installed on a vagrant virtual machine

A script written (mostly) in PHP to take snapshot backups of virtual machines and store the previous snapshot somewhere else...

A libvirt-php api based VM manager for managing kvm based virtual machines through a web portal

Fix IDE links when using virtual machines

Racktables Xen Virtual Machine importer

Free Open Source Virtual Machine manager (very old from 09)

a php web ui for xen based virtual machine consisted lab system

Easy Virtual Machine Management

CLI Tool for monitoring Azure virtual machines

vMoodle - run virtual machines via moodle!

Backup Virtual Machines in an Abiquo Cloud

Tools to build virtual machines for testing phpBB

PHP Client to CRUD Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure.

Stratum aims to be a scalable, reliable panel better than most solutions on the market made for selling virtual machines. It works by utilizing Proxmox's API to au...

Custom integration of Proxmox and Apache Guacamole for deploying and using virtual machines in one web client application...

curso de APIRestful pero con Virtual Machine Udemy

This project aims to broaden your knowledge of system administration by using Docker. You will virtualize several Docker images, creating them in your new personal...