Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for miscellaneous

Miscellaneous scripts for mac admins

Miscellaneous tools for BloodHound

aiomisc - miscellaneous utils for asyncio

A collection of useful Python tools

Miscellaneous small utils, mainly for the Bash shell.

Miscellaneous scripts and tools

Miscellaneous collection of Python and R scripts for processing Iso-Seq data

Miscellaneous utilities and such that I use for pwning. Open sourced since people might find these useful. Be warned: nothing is stable....

Miscellaneous programs/scripts to make your life a little less painful

Collection of various python script's.

Miscellaneous tools and patches that I have written/hacked/forked over the years

Miscellaneous Sublime Text plugins and scripts

Miscellaneous format conversion tools for tracked music and things along that line.

Miscellaneous font projects in progress

a collection of miscellaneous tools for use with the edX platform

Miscellaneous Utilities for dealing with a Kindle (parsing logs, etc)

Miscellaneous Bioinformatics scripts etc mostly in Python

Miscellaneous materials for teaching NLP using NLTK

Miscellaneous resources for Quantum Collective Knowledge

Small programs and scripts that do not require their own repositories

miscellaneous Python code snippets for several use.

Miscellaneous plugins for Beancount double entry accounting

Miscellaneous tools for clinical ML

Miscellaneous scripts and artwork related to Outreachy.

miscellaneous stuff will put here, configurations, code templates, tools, etc.

Variety of miscellaneous code of python

Miscellaneous tools and patches that I have written/hacked/forked over the years

Location for Miscellaneous Projects

General purpose repository for miscellaneous scripts, pcaps and malware IOCs that we share with the info-sec research community...

CTFlearn writeups of all the challenges I have solved. It covers all the domains including Cryptography, Forensics, Reversing, Pwning and other misc problems....

Miscellaneous plugins for KiCad

Miscellaneous utiltiies for Bottle, Python web framework

miscellaneous tools I find useful in ZFS on Linux environments