Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for rpc servers

Python module to pilot your Odoo servers through JSON-RPC.

Asynchronous pure Python gRPC client and server implementation supporting asyncio, uvloop, curio and trio...

Python JSON-RPC Client Server Library With Additional Support for BaseHTTPServer, CherryPy And CGI

:octocat: use tornado to achieve rpc server

Simple XML-RPC and JSON-RPC server for modern Django

XML-RPC Server App for the Django framework

RPCSniffer sniffs WINDOWS RPC messages in a given RPC server process.

RPC4Django is an XMLRPC and JSONRPC server for Django powered projects. Simply plug it into any existing Django project and you can make your methods available via...

A Python 2 and 3 asynchronous JSON RPC server

JSON-RPC server based on fastapi

A Python JSON-RPC 2.0 Server

rfoo - Fast Python RPC client/server module.

Python implementation of the BERT-RPC server

Proxy client-server for Ethereum node using bitcoin JSON-RPC interface.

a simple RPC server for controlling a maya.standalone instance remotely

OERPLib is a Python RPC library which aims to provide an easy way to remotely pilot and manage an OpenERP server....

Toy in-memory queue server using Facebook's Thrift protocol/RPC generator

JSON-RPC server and client, written in Python using Twisted

A JSON-RPC 2.0 server, loosely coupled to Django (1.4 - 1.6+)

An RPC proxy server for CodeChain

Test RPC client and server using the oslo.messaging API

A gogreen peering system that builds a pre-connected mesh of servers for fast internal RPC

JSON-RPC server and client implementation based on aiohttp

TCP & HTTP RPC Servers built on msgpack and gevent

This program is a Python XML-RPC server that accepts an English word and returns a continuous value (from 0 to 1, inclusive) on how complex that word is seen to se...

:new:An online news scraping and recommendation system which involves a React+Redux front end, a Node.js backend, a Python RPC server, a data pipeline and a tensor...

XML-RPC document conversion server ( Mirror of ; Please submit patches and issues there )...

Secure Bitcoin Wallet is a Dockerized version of Electrum Bitcoin Client with a Web frontend. The Electrum Bitcoin Client, a modified version of Electrum, runs as...

Damn simple, framework-agnostic JSON-RPC v2.0 server for Python

A Haskell library for building JSON-RPC servers (work in progress), with servers for Cryptol and SAW

Kedro gRPC Server is a Kedro plugin that creates a gRPC server for triggering and monitoring pipeline runs using a general-purpose RPC framework gRPC...

🔁 Async JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol + server powered by asyncio & py35+. json-rpc successor.

Run an Apache Thrift RPC Server easily through Django