Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for url manipulation

🌐 URL parsing and manipulation made easy.

A simple, immutable URL class with a clean API for interrogation and manipulation.

URL manipulation in Python, made simple.

A simple Django extension for url manipulation

Book: The definitive guide to mod_rewrite, URL manipulation, and content munging with the Apache http server...

Command Line URL Manipulation

You need to know fundamentals of NLP with the following : 1. Numpy [array manipulation] 2.Pandas [making dataframes for visualization] 3.Re [for extracting url d...

Missed link manipulation functions library

Url manipulation for extended application urls

A better URL manipulation library for Python

Form Manipulation ,Image Upload system . Class & function based view concept , Dynamic URL routing.

Python URL manipulation module

Stupid simple URL manipulation

simple url parameter manipulation

Semantical URL Parsing, and manipulation library

Adds query_transform tag for url query string manipulation

Compares each string in List A against each string in List B. For each comparison, a match score is calculated to allow the user to identify the closest match in a...

connection to firebase, file handling, alteration and manipulation of folders and files in real time

Django-Microservices is a website that features some functionalities like Malicious URL detection, Image Manipulation, etc........

String manipulation in python using APIs

The library makes parsing and manipulation of URL🌐 and Email address📧 easy.

Practice of string manipulation in Python with an URL example