Top R Frameworks & Libraries for database management

Connection management and SQL parallelisation for R analytics on big database clusters

R interface to the South Florida Water Management District's DBHYDRO Database :sweat_drops::palm_tree:...

R API and Local Database Management for the GoldenCheetah OpenData Project

Rflow is a general-purpose workflow management framework for R

An R package to access and modify an Ovation Scientific Data Management System database.

R Package to Query Breeding Management System Database

yg: an r package on file based database management.

This software provides several heuristic operators for extracting interesting class association rules from a tabulated dataset. It is associated to the work publis...

The aim of this project is to develop a database, a data engine, an ETL and a visualization tool for a fictious parking lot management system. A script written in...

R and SQL scripts for creating a database to integrate normalized expression values with gene annotations including GO-terms....

Health Insurance Database Management using MySQL and MongoDB

This repository contains the Inventory Management project on 'Lego' Database

Data Admin Concepts & Database Management

Scripts for producing analytics of local membership databases.

G4 biophysics database visualization and management

A script that wrangles and analyzes local membership databases of the International Dual Career Network....

Australian crop and pasture management database

Database management for Choropleth Shiny App

Testing database management system for CLS

R package to query Breeding Management System (BMS) database

Database management and code to wrangle from Johnson-Jeffres fish/floodplain project database

R-scripts for data cleaning and database management

Integrating Bayesian inference with Stan into PostgreSQL database management

Miscellaneous Code For Analysis and Data Management of MIT-BIH Atrial Fibrillation Database

Customer Churn Analysis (Telecom domain): Developed a model for predicting customer churn at a telecom company with 71047 customer records and 75 potential predict...

A public repo of all the work that I will be doing in Database Acquisition and Management Fall 2014

Implemented a Data Warehouse on smart agriculture to solve various Business Intelligence queries. Integrated multiple datasets from 3 different data sources includ...

dabr: Database Management with R

:exclamation: This is a read-only mirror of the CRAN R package repository. dabr — Database Management with R...

Final project for DS 7330 File Organization and Database Management

Place to keep notes and scripts for back-ups and file/database management

Database entry and visualization app for cell pastes

Data management and analysis of an EHR relational database

Database management and manipulation for OSA's 2021 BOEM/TT contract

Coursework for Carnegie Mellon University's MSIT course in NoSQL Database Management

This project aims to translate business requirements into data management solutions. It will involve a complete process of extracting, refining, and delivering dat...

example of R code written to make data transfer more efficient

Simple scripts and Shiny application for building a sample database and interacting with it.

An R package to access and modify an Ovation Scientific Data Management System database.