Top R Frameworks & Libraries for html widgets

A table widget based on Max Guglielmi's "HTML Table Filter Generator" and D3.js

'nivowaffle': HTML Widget for Drawing Waffle Diagrams.

An html widget that creates interactive pie chart

Create an HTML git diff widget using the diff2html library

Rmarkdown, dashboards, and HTML widgets

HTML widget for the geopattern javascript library

D3-funnel HTML widget for R

HTML Widgets support for RCloud

A set of custom HTML widgets for R

quick exploration survey of HTML widgets supporting interactive heatmaps

igv.js html widget for R shiny

:exclamation: This is a read-only mirror of the CRAN R package repository. htmlwidgets — HTML Widgets for R. Homepage: Re...

Barebones scaffolding to create an html widget that renders some user-written D3 code

R script to create a choropleth html widget based on most popular location usage

This is an html-widget to present and explore the results from exploratory factor analysis.

This repository consists of Two modules for prediction using Machine learning in R and Dynamic visualisation HTML widgets and shared objects for StudentData.csv da...

his peer assessed assignment has two parts. First, you will create a Shiny application and deploy it on Rstudio's servers. Second, you will use Slidify or Rstudio...

Material for the CorrelCon 2020 Advanced Session "Building a modularized Shiny app with the golem 📦 and html widgets"...

This package is using html widgets to wrap facets into R

'nivowaffle': HTML Widget for Drawing Waffle Diagrams.

🌱 🌱 🌱 Create an HTML Vertical Timeline Widget in RMarkdown and Shiny