Top R Frameworks & Libraries for logging

A lightweight, modern and flexible, log4j and futile.logger inspired logging utility for R

A logging package in R similar to log4j

This repository is an R package to easily stream StatsBomb data from the API using your log in credentials or from the Open Data GitHub repository cost free into R...

Easy and flexible logging for R

Download Logs from the RStudio CRAN Mirror

Weighted tidy log odds ratio ⚖️

R port of the popular log4j logging module

A package for consuming and munging access log data

R code for better error handling incl. logging with a full (!) stack trace incl. line numbers, post-mortem analysis and support for parallel processing...

R tool for automated creation of ggplots. Examines one, two, or three variables and creates, based on their characteristics, a scatter, violin, box, bar, density,...

Track changes in data with ease

R package for easy logging

Modern Logging for the R Ecosystem

Logging Events in Complex Shiny Apps

Log R Events and R Usage to Google Analytics

An R package for simple logging

An R package for implementing augmented network log anomaly detection procedures

An R interface to syslog, the POSIX system logger API

An opinionated example for implementing logging in Plumber APIs

Analysis of viber logs with R

This model comprises of Manufacturing units dataset , sources are telemetry , machine failure , error logs , maintenance and machines configuration(age)....

Phylogenetic Isometric Log Ratio

Extended logging solution for R

GitHub Repository for the 01/04/2016 Meetup titled "Introduction to Event Log Mining with R".

An R Package for tests comparing cross validated log likelihood (CVLL) estimates

Demo dashboard for Shiny, shows streaming CRAN log data

logbin: Relative Risk Regression Using the Log-Binomial Model

Rotate logfiles (and other files) from R

‘lastools’ is an R package for reading and writing version 1.2 and version 2.0 Log ASCII Standard (LAS) and for performing common functions on LAS...

Find OS-specific directories to store data, caches, and logs. A port of python's AppDirs

Tools to facilitate logging in a clinical environment with the goal of making code easily traceable and reproducible....

R code to build a simple bot to retweet specific topics or tags (and log metrics to InfluxDB)

opinionated, lightweight logging for R