Top R Frameworks & Libraries for machine learning

Code accompanying the book "Machine Learning for Hackers"

A minimal benchmark for scalability, speed and accuracy of commonly used open source implementations (R packages, Python scikit-learn, H2O, xgboost, Spark MLlib et...

a curated list of R tutorials for Data Science, NLP and Machine Learning

Machine Learning in R

Machine Learning Problem Bible | Problem Set Here >>

mlr3: Machine Learning in R - next generation

Very concise notes on machine learning and statistics.

iml: interpretable machine learning R package

🤖 R package for detecting Twitter bots via machine learning

R tools for healthcare machine learning

Apuntes personales sobre estadística, machine learning y lenguaje de programación R

R Library for Analytics and Machine Learning

Starter code of Prof. Andrew Ng's machine learning MOOC in R statistical language

Fast and accurate machine learning on sparse matrices - matrix factorizations, regression, classification, top-N recommendations....

Tidy machine learning pipelines

Modeltime unlocks time series forecast models and machine learning in one framework

R package for automation of machine learning, forecasting, feature engineering, model evaluation, model interpretation, recommenders, and EDA....

Machine Learning algorithms for spatial and spatiotemporal data

Advanced Machine Learning and Visualization

This repository contains all code examples in Machine Learning for Email, by Drew Conway and John Myles White....

An R package with Python support for multi-step-ahead forecasting with machine learning and deep learning algorithms...

An R package for common supervised machine learning metrics.

For the "Practical Machine Learning with H2O" book, to be published by O'Reilly (ISBN, etc. coming soon)...

Solving differential equations in R using DifferentialEquations.jl and the SciML Scientific Machine Learning ecosystem...

A collection of small-sample, high-dimensional microarray data sets to assess machine-learning algorithms and models....

Dataflow Programming for Machine Learning in R

Machine learning dashboard created with R/shiny

R interface to Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine

RSparkling: Use H2O Sparkling Water from R (Spark + R + Machine Learning)

Azure Machine Learning SDK for R

💪 🤔 Modern Super Learning with Machine Learning Pipelines

Robyn is an experimental, automated and open-sourced Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) package from Facebook Marketing Science. It uses various machine learning techniq...

Explaining the output of machine learning models with more accurately estimated Shapley values