Top R Frameworks & Libraries for parallel computing

R/foreach Redis backend for parallel computing

Distributed parallel computing on data.table

Towards a framework for parallel computing with raster and other geospatial data objects in R.

An R package for easy parallel computing, logging, and function call automation.

The approach of ensemble spatiotemporal mixed models is to make reliable estimation of air pollutant concentrations at high resolutions. (1) Extraction of covar...

Perform parallel computing on clusters with R language

:exclamation: This is a read-only mirror of the CRAN R package repository. runjags — Interface Utilities, Model Templates, Parallel Computing Methods and Addition...

Compute correlations of columns of a large dataframe of mixed types with parallel backend. The dataframe is allowed to have columns of these four classes: integer,...

Example of parallel computing using R

rdd package refactoring to enable parallel computing

Optimisation du code implémenté dans le package "enercast forked from cugliari/enercast"

R logging package for parallel computing

Lee, Byungwook, and Doheon Lee developed a similarity measure for protein domain architectures. This is based on precomputed ‘domain weights’. The ‘generate_domain...

This package provides functions to compute potential models as defined by Stewart (1941). Several options are available to customize the models, such as the possib...

It is a challenge for investors to forecast the option prices, invest in it and earn fruitful profits. The derivative markets such as option market give some flexi...

Learn Parallel Computing

Project of Parallel Computing for ENSAI

parallel computing homework

Repo for setting up Parallel Computing in VRDE


Parallel computing of GWR bandwidth

R package for parallel computing

Feedback controlled distributed computing on EC2

Parallel Computing for Data Science 5LIDH033-TD-Jairo-Cugliari Duhalde

Utility functions for parallel computing data analysis

Material for a short workshop on very basic parallel computing with R

A brief walk through on parallel computing in R using foreach

A Reusable Code for Nested Parallel Computing and Error Handling in R

Using the docker container to do parallel computing in R

An R package implementing interface utilities, model templates, parallel computing methods and additional distributions for MCMC models in JAGS...

Repository for the course "Parallel computing for data science" - M2DM Univ Lyon 2.

Solution to Parallel Computing course 4DV657

Parallel computing for data science

Exploration of random forest in parallel computing

Compute multiple types of correlations analysis (Pearson correlation, R^2 coefficient of linear regression, Cramer's V measure of association, Distance Correlation...

Repo for setting up Parallel Computing in VRDE