Top R Frameworks & Libraries for r development

A package written for R focused on baseball analysis. Currently in development.

Syberia: The development framework for R

The most complete R development and data science platform.

Development version of 'spatstat' package ..............................

Scorecard Development in R, 评分卡

A place for the development version of the changepoint package on CRAN.

Solutions for the Advanced R Development book

Development repository for the `ez` package for R

An Example of Using Literate Programming for R Package Development

Task View: PackageDevelopment

Development version of apaTables R package. Current stable version is on the CRAN.

TCGAbiolinksGUI code development for R/Bioconductor submission

R mased batch sequence downloader, with primer development and in silico evaluation capabilities

An R package to help manage R projects (e.g. Sweave reports) where multiple versions are created based upon a single source repository. For example, a monthly repo...

Turning R and RStudio into a NONMEM model development environment

Development version of the biom package for R

Regular expressions for humans, a port of Ruby's Regularity library to R (see for current development)...

Development version of vioplot R package (CRAN maintainer)

This is a quick tutorial that explains R package development

Organic/biological mass spectrometry data analysis (development version).

R package – HLA Genotype Imputation with Attribute Bagging (development, unstable version)

Development repository for GeoChronR

Combining drake workflows with R package development to train and execute a machine learning model

Package development in R

Development version of the SoilR package

ORD for R micromap package development

Development version of the R package 'Luminescence'

Joyent Manta R Software Development Kit

Development version of phaseR, an R package for phase plane analysis of one- and two-dimensional autonomous ODE systems...

Development repository for the multiMiR database's R API

We would like create Bayesian workflows following "A quick-start introduction to Stan for economists" by Jim Savage for all example models in Stan Modeling Languag...

Tools to Work with the SourceHut Development Ecosystem

Development repository for the Bioconductor package 'mixOmics '

rOpenSci Packages: Development, Maintenance, and Peer Review

R package for microbiome data visualization. microViz is under active development. It uses phyloseq, vegan and tidyverse. See website link for docs with visual exa...

Project description and analytic scripts for cis/trans regulation of fiber development in G. hirsutum...

Seamlessly design robust 'shiny' extensions

This workshop, organised on behalf of the CAA-SIG "Scientific Scripting Languages in Archaeology", offers a low-level introduction to R package development for use...

Validation framework for R packages used in clinical research and drug development.

Prefix function with their namespace & other development tools

Repository for the development of R package GetDFPData2