Top R Frameworks & Libraries for reproducible research

OpenCPU system for embedded scientific computation and reproducible research

rrtools: Tools for Writing Reproducible Research in R

Research project initialization and organization following reproducible research guidelines

Analysis of R code for reproducible research and code view

A demo and tutorial for how to use git and singularity to make your research more portable and reproducible...

Miscellaneous tools for reproducible research with R.

Create academic R markdown projects for open science and reproducible research

Reproducible Research Tools

reproducible research project template for R using Renv and snakemake with an econ application

Reproducible Research with Rmarkdown: data management, analysis, and reporting all-in-one

Tutorial on Reproducible Research in R with rrtools

CRAN Task View: Reproducible Research

Code demos for Reproducible Research and Reports, a video course with O'Reilly Media

An full example reproducible research project for "Reproducible Research with R and RStudio"

Big Life Lab Flow (BLLFlow) - a workflow for open, reproducible research. Includes support for PMML, DDI....

reproducible research

An R package for reproducible research. Analyze your experimental data and generate HTML and PDF reports....

Tools for creating metadata files for reproducible research.

Italian Bio R Day November 30 2012. Slides and Case Study from my talk on Reproducible Research

Reproducible Retrieval of Pew Research Center Datasets in R

An automated pipe for reproducible RNA-seq analysis with the minimal efforts from researchers. You only need to provide the taxa name and the accession code of RNA...

A toolbox of code snippets that can be used to feed other statistical and data mining analyses, all conducted in a social way within github. Main advantages includ...

Workshop to introduce R Markdown and related, with an eye toward reproducible research.

Code repository accompanying "Assessing data availability and research reproducibility in hydrology and water resources"...

Repo for online course: Reproducible Research

R Package for Reproducible Research in Psychology

automatic large scale high throughput algorithmic solutions to support reproducible research

An example of a useful pattern in R -- wrapping a reproducible research report in an R script with an external configuration file....

Coursera's Reproducibel Research Peer Assessment 2

An ideal setup for how I use Rstudio Projects

Materials for a workshop on writing reproducible research papers with R Markdown

The analysis.R code will reproduce the analyses and figures for the research posted currently at bioRxiv. The paper has been provisionally accepted at Nature Ecolo...

Class materials for Reproducible Research with RStudio, a workshop at the 2019 Statistical Practice in Cancer Conference...

A template for reproducible empirical accounting research - fork me!

Schloss Lab Tools for Reproducible Microbiome Research 💩

Simplify workflows of D6 research projects. The package provides utilities to set up a standardized folder structure and version control, and Rmarkdown templates a...

Basic example repository using Gnu make for a reproducible research workflow