Top R Frameworks & Libraries for spatial

Open source book: Geocomputation with R

Simple Features for R

R package for thematic maps

Easy access to official spatial data sets of Brazil in R and Python

Spatiotemporal Arrays, Raster and Vector Data Cubes

Interactive viewing of spatial data in R

Enhancing spatial visualization in ggplot2

Sustainable transport planning with R

An R package πŸ“¦ making it easy to query, preview, download and preprocess multiple kinds of spatial data πŸ›° via R. All beta....

Spatial data in R: using R as a GIS

R Package for accessing and plotting Google Maps

R package for spatial data handling

Interactive editing of spatial data in R

Landscape Metrics for Categorical Map Patterns πŸ—ΊοΈ in R

Sources of the book "Displaying time series, spatial and space-time data with R" (1st Edition)

Machine Learning algorithms for spatial and spatiotemporal data

Classes and methods for spatial data

:aquarius: Create maps made of lines

Code, data and prose of the book: Spatial Microsimulation with R

Global spatial predictions of soil properties and classes at 250 m resolution

Set of utilities and wrappers to perform change detection on satellite image time-series (Landsat and MODIS). Includes pre-processing steps and functions for spati...

Spatial Feature Smoothing in R

The blockCV package creates spatially or environmentally separated training and testing folds for cross-validation to provide a robust error estimation in spatiall...

An R package for quickly mapping and navigating spatial data

The raster package defines classes and methods for spatial raster data access and manipulation. The rasterVis package complements raster providing a set of methods...

An R Interface to

Spatial Dependence: Weighting Schemes and Statistics

R package to print maps, draw on them, and scan them back in

Get appropriate CRS suggestions for your spatial data in R

Single-cell spatial analysis toolbox

Systematic conservation prioritization in R

:aquarius: Create maps made of lines

Thematic cartography with R

Single (i) Cell R package (iCellR) is an interactive R package to work with high-throughput single cell sequencing technologies (i.e scRNA-seq, scVDJ-seq, scATAC-s...

R package for thematic maps