Top R Frameworks & Libraries for syntax

R package to add 'dplyr'-like Syntax for Summary Statistics of Survey Data

An aid for text mining in R, with a syntax that should be familiar to experienced R users. Provides a wrapper for several topic models that take similarly-formatte...

A simpler ggplot2 syntax, saving half of your typing.

Wrap R vectors in markdown syntax

Print text from shiny ui (support markdown syntax) to pdf or word report

Syntax highlight R code in the terminal

Dark syntax theme for the Geany text editor.

R package to convert SPSS syntax to R code

Syntax Highlighting for R Source Code

Syntax Highlighting and Automatic Linking

kind of precompiling from magrittr's syntax to eager evaluation syntax

R package to provide mclapply() syntax for Windows machines

Mobile friendly charts with a familiar syntax

Stan syntax highlighting for knitr

four class intro to R: basic syntax, data manipulation, data viz

An R package for Space Syntax analysis through depthmapX

Bringing the `jQuery` syntax to R

A Flexible Syntax for Population Dynamic Modelling :koala: :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Patched R Script for Space Syntax Analysis from the FOSS4GIS Project

lambda syntax-sugar in R

Toolset for translating SPSS-Syntax to R-Code

Create interactive charts using the tidy syntax you know and love!

Generate beautiful plots in R without having to remember complicated syntax

Generate lavaan syntax for RI-CLPM

A terse syntax of function declaration in R. :gun:

R for beginners - introductions to syntax and machine learning

dice roller with standard syntax

Showing how different SQL queries can be used in R

Example project (an R project with Python-like module syntax)

R package to create R Markdown reports with a sequential syntax inspired by ggplot

R-package for interpretable nonparametric modeling of longitudinal data using additive Gaussian processes. Contains functionality for inferring covariate effects...

Syntax highlighting for R HTML documentation

Create and combine tables with a ggplot2/patchwork syntax.

A function for translating Stata instructions into executable R code. Useful for when Stata syntax is cleaner or as a learning tool....

Webseite zum Buch "Moderne Datenanalyse mit R"

Here you can find the R syntax files I use to teach psychometrics in my classes.