Top React Frameworks & Libraries for charts

Redefined chart library built with React and D3

A collection of composable React components for building interactive data visualizations

nivo provides a rich set of dataviz components, built on top of the awesome d3 and Reactjs libraries

Powerful data visualization library based on G2 and React.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Apache ECharts (incubating) components for React wrapper. 一个简单的 Apache echarts (incubating) 的 React 封装。...

The Most Complete React UI Component Library

:bar_chart: Code City metaphor for visualizing Go source code in 3D

Business React components for Bootstrap and Material-UI

Highly customizable library for building interactive node-based UIs, editors, flow charts and diagrams...

⚛️ Simple, immersive & interactive charts for React

This is a code repository for the corresponding YouTube video. In this tutorial, we are going to build and deploy a corona tracker application. Covered topics: Rea...

:black_medium_small_square:Resonance | 5kb React animation library

A thin, typed, React wrapper over Google Charts Visualization and Charts API.

🌊 A flexible, stateless, declarative flow chart library for react.

React-based drag'n'drop pivot table with Plotly.js charts

📊 📈 📉 React.js plugin for building charts using CSS

Declarative and modular timeseries charting components for React

Examples of Charting Library integrations with other libraries, frameworks and data transports

📊 Seamless bar chart race component for React.

Set of components and helpers for building complex and beautifully animated charts

CxJS - Advanced JavaScript UI framework for admin and dashboard applications with ready to use grid, form and chart components....

React components for building composable and flexible charts

Highcharts built with proper React components

Data Visualization Charting Library

:earth_asia: :bar_chart: ol3Echarts | a openlayers extension to echarts

:bar_chart: :chart_with_upwards_trend:⠀Robust dataviz framework implemented using D3 & typescript

🖌 Draw charts in code. Render in real-time. Embed anywhere as .png.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: React chart component library :chart_with_downwards_trend:

This repo is being deprecated, check Ant Design Charts

React components for Chart.js, the most popular charting library

🕸 React library for building workflow editors, flow charts and diagrams

Open-source web platform for creating charts out of different data sources (databases and APIs) 📈📊

📊 Data visualization library for React