Top React Frameworks & Libraries for testing

📓 The UI component explorer. Develop, document, & test React, Vue, Angular, Web Components, Ember, Svelte & more!...

JavaScript Testing utilities for React

📗🌐 🚢 Comprehensive and exhaustive JavaScript & Node.js testing best practices (August 2021)

React + Redux starter kit / boilerplate with Babel, hot reloading, testing, linting and a working example app built in...

🔥 A well-tested feature-rich modular Firebase implementation for React Native. Supports both iOS & Android platforms for all Firebase services....

Sandbox for developing and testing UI components in isolation

A minimal skeleton for building testable React apps using Babel

A CLI React performance optimization tool that identifies potential unnecessary re-rendering

Document & develop React components without breaking a sweat

🦉 Simple and complete React Native testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.

A desktop application that allows users to locally test and debug chat bots built with the Bot Framework SDK....

An integration test framework for React Native.

Tools for developing, documenting, and testing React component libraries

👁 Visual Regression Testing for Storybook

Коллекция материалов для изучения React

🌍 Constantly updated front-end resources, tutorials, opinions(与时俱进版前端资源,教程和意见。)

👻 A SnapChat clone built with React, Redux and Typescript. Styled with SASS. Tested with Cypress, Jest and Enzyme. Linted with Eslint and formatted with Prettier!...

🛠 Component code and tests for the Australian Government design system

Unit test React components using Cypress

🔮 Magically generate fake props for your React tests

Test React Components with Jest and React Testing Library on

📼 Record and replay user sessions

A fully mocked and test-friendly version of react native

A dead simple library to screenshot test React components

A collection of frameworks that I love with a strong focus on clean code, testing, software architecture/design and devops....

A clean, extensible react + redux boilerplate with universal/isomorphic rendering, testing and more

:book: Write tests next to your stories and display their results inside storybook interface

Simple declarative and universal A/B testing component for React.

An opinionated progressive web app boilerplate

Searchable library of React testing examples

Unit test React components using Cypress

A workshop for testing react applications

A well-structured production-ready frontend boilerplate with Typescript, Jest, testing-library, styled-component, Sass, Css, .env, Fetch, Axios, Reverse Proxy, Bun...

ESLint plugin to follow best practices and anticipate common mistakes when writing tests with Testing Library...

Framework for rapid Dapp development. Simple. Robust. Extendable. Testable

Testing utilities that allow you to reuse your Storybook stories in your React unit tests!

:star: Codebase for various tutorials about Java, Spring Boot, AWS, Kotlin, and Testing