Top React Native Frameworks & Libraries for geolocation

Real-time Geospatial and Geofencing

:globe_with_meridians: Turn any <input> into an address autocomplete

IP geolocation web server

Location Intelligence & Data Visualization tool

Sophisticated, battery-conscious background-geolocation with motion-detection

Accurately Locate Smartphones using Social Engineering

Geo-related tools PHP 7.3+ library built atop Geocoder and React libraries

Background and foreground geolocation plugin for React Native. Tracks user when app is running in background....

Unofficial MaxMind GeoIP2 Reader for Go

UK postcode & geolocation API, serving up open data

A geolocation OSINT tool. Offers geolocation information gathering through social networking platforms....

Geospatial data library for Ruby

A simple jQuery plugin to display current weather data for any location and doesn't get in your way. Now supports HTML5 GeoLocation!...

React native geolocation service for iOS and android

High performance JSON IP and GeoIP REST API (IP Geolocation)

PHP library that knows how countries and cities are called in any language

Lightweight API service to get geolocation data from IP addresses.

Android and iOS Geolocation plugin for Flutter

(Leaflet) GeoSearch / GeoCode provider

IP geolocation web server

The most sophisticated background location-tracking & geofencing module with battery-conscious motion-detection intelligence for iOS and Android....

:earth_africa: Map location picker component for Android. Based on Google Maps. An alternative to Google Place Picker....

Alternative network location provider for Android, with plugin interface to easily integrate third-party location providers....

Sophisticated, battery-conscious, cross-platform background-geolocation with motion-detection

Store and access data published by OwnTracks apps

Snoop — инструмент разведки на основе открытых данных (OSINT world)

Free implementation of Play Services

Retrieve IP Geolocation information

Lightweight API service to get geolocation data from IP addresses.

IP Geolocation API is a free service for locating your visitors in real-time with detailed country information....

Location-based querying and filtering using Firebase Firestore.

Official Command Line Interface for the IPinfo API (IP geolocation and other types of IP data)

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