room assistant

Presence tracking and more for automation on the room-level



Automation on the Room-Level

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room-assistant brings your home automation onto the next level: room automation.
It is capable of tracking room occupancy and your location around the house with great accuracy, plus any other sensors you may want to attach.
You can pick and choose the parts you need from our flexible software to get all the data you need for writing awesome new automations - room-assistant easily integrates them with your favorite home automation suite.

Imagine it: You can turn lights and heating on only in the rooms where people are actually there.
You can accurately know if someone is there even when you are just chilling on your couch, situations where a motion sensor would fail and leave you in the dark.
And you can even go a step further and configure your personal thermostat preferences or turn on your favorite TV channels depending on who is in the room!


Find out how to install and configure room-assistant and much more on our official documentation site:!