ros yolo sort

YOLO v3, v4, tiny + SORT tracking + ROS platform. Supporting: YOLO with Darknet, OpenCV(DNN), OpenVINO, TensorRT(tkDNN). SORT supports python(original) and C++. (Not Deep SORT)


YOLO and SORT, and ROS versions of them

this repo covers

  • YOLO
    • installation and comparison: Darknet ver., OpenCV(DNN) ver., OpenVINO ver., TensorRT(tkDNN) ver.
      • on CPU/GPU computers including intel NUC and Jetson boards (e.g., TX2, Xavier NX)
    • ROS version implementation (for OpenCV-DNN ver., OpenVINO ver., and TensorRT-tkDNN ver.)
    • ROS version installation (Darknet ver.)
  • SORT
    • SORT C++ version implementation
    • SORT ROS verison implementation (Python)
    • installation original repos
  • YOLO + SORT with ROS ‘Implemented’

Please check each folder