Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for abstraction

Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library extracted from Shopify. The aim of the project is to feel natural to Ruby users and to abstract as many par...

HTML Abstraction Markup Language - A Markup Haiku

ActiveShipping is a simple shipping abstraction library extracted from Shopify

Rails RESTful controller abstraction plugin.

Official repository for the aws-record gem, an abstraction for Amazon DynamoDB.

Rouster.is_a?('abstraction layer for controlling Vagrant virtual machines') => true

View abstraction for integration testing

RewriteRails adds syntactic abstractions like Andand and String to Block to Rails projects without monkey-patching...

Abstract HTTP adapter for ROM

A simple payment abstraction library for china payment gateways

An abstraction/normalization layer for querying and displaying results for external search engines, in Ruby on Rails....

Javascript Abstraction Language

A transport layer abstraction for talking to service APIs

A small abstraction for encapsulating non-trivial business logic in Ruby applications

Simple abstraction of a timezone offset

Netdev is a vendor-neutral network abstraction framework maintained by Puppet, Inc

Elasticsearch adapter for rom-rb

high abstraction dsl for tests (from end user perspective) [kameleon - mean chameleon, from polish]

Rails abstraction of word-based slugs for URLs, w/ or w/o leading numeric IDs.

The ORM-like abstraction for couchbase ruby client (Fork for *experiments*. See original repository)

A business logic abstraction gem that provides structure to the organization and composition of business logic (Ruby)...

Junos specific Provider code for "netdev_stdlib". Netdev is a vendor-neutral network abstraction framework developed by Juniper Networks and contributed freely to...

An abstraction layer around arbitrary and diverse asset stores

This gem provides some level of abstraction to Marketo REST APIs.

Abstraction of the Sprinkle scripts used to set up Rails on a Debian 5.0 Linode.

Abstraction over distributed transactions in form of Sagas with Orchestration approach

ruby image compositing abstraction layer for rmagick

a higher-level abstraction around android cucumber drivers

Relation filtering abstraction library for Rails.

The Sensu transport abstraction library.

Bank Neon's API Ruby Abstraction

An abstraction of the JSON structure needed to create widgets in Slack message attachments

A development toolkit for Ruby with several small/cohesive abstractions to empower your development workflow - It's totally free of dependencies....