Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for admin interface

RailsAdmin is a Rails engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your data

A web interface for managing redis: cli, admin, and live monitoring

Boxroom is a Rails application that aims to be a simple interface for managing and sharing files in a web browser. It lets users create folders and upload, downloa...

Autocomplete the resourceful actions and views for ORMs for admin interface and other purposes.

Rails 4 generator of CRUD admin interfaces for existing models.

Simple admin interface for the Delayed::Job gem

MerbAdmin is a Merb plugin that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing your data

Simple admin interface for MongoMapper (mongo) & DataMapper (dm) models.

UI interface for rails-settings-cached in active admin

Tabbed interface and custom field type for globalize translations for Rails_admin

My Generator for Admin interfaces

Example of a basic, app-specific administration interface for Rails applications.

Interface for debugging/deleting jobs created with the delayed_job plugin

A Rails admin interface generator. Theme stolen from Redmine. Similar to web-app-theme.

Sample app to try out different admin interfaces

An admin interface for QueueClassic

Fully featured admin interface with both DSL and raw controller resource definition based on bootstrap, inherited_resources, simple_form, device, cancan...

Administration interface for Ruby on Rails

Admin interface for Rails 3 + Mongoid using Backbone.js

IDEA: Plugin for active admin which is will be blogging platform with user interface similar to Ghost...

A simple administration interface for the stoplight gem.

Contact us form and admin interface for spree

Demo application including admin interface for Rails translations using i18n_db

An admin interface for unRAID. Built with Sinatra and Bootstrap.

Create beautifull and simple admin interfaces for your apps!

Simple admin interface for Ruby on Rails applications.

Rails complete admin interface builder

A clean and solid scoped admin interface. Requires spanner fork of multi_site for deep scoping of resource classes....

ComfyAdminConstructor allows you to quickly and easily build basic admin interfaces in ComfortableMexicanSofa....

A simple administration interface for the stoplight gem.

LDAP password change web interface written in Ruby/Sinatra.

The composable Rails admin interface.

An easy admin interface built with rails to interact with a barebone octopress/jekyll website.

Adds breadcrumb links to the page edit interface for ancestors of the current page.

LDAP administration Web interface based on ActiveLdap.

Generator to create a table and admin interface for an application's general configuration - think "system settings"...