Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for assets

An open-source assets exchange.

Synchronises Assets between Rails and S3

The solution to assets management in Rails

DEPRECATED: As of sprockets-rails version 3.1.0, used in current versions of rails, this gem is deprecated...

Industrial Strength Asset Packaging for Rails

jQuery UI for the Rails asset pipeline

:art: Asset pipelines for Jekyll.

Speeds up your Rails 3 assets:precompile by only recompiling changed files, and only compiling once to generate all assets...

A toolkit for deploying code and assets to servers in a repeatable, testable, reliable way.

Integrate Select2 javascript library with Rails asset pipeline

Materializecss rubygem for Rails Asset Pipeline / Sprockets

Rack-based asset packaging system

Ditch the Rails Asset Pipeline and roll your own with Gulp

Use handlebars.js templates with the Rails asset pipeline.

A Datepicker for Twitter Bootstrap, integrated with Rails assets pipeline

A console tool for interacting with Shopify Theme Assets.

Use your angular templates with rails' asset pipeline

The most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web for Rails asset pipeline....

JavaScript and CSS Asset Compression for Production Rails Apps

Integrate Chosen javascript library with Rails asset pipeline

Use Service Worker with the Rails asset pipeline

Bootswatches converted to SCSS ready to use in Rails asset pipeline.

Fix the Rails 4 asset pipeline to generate non-digest along with digest assets

an asset gem containing Adam Shaw's excellent fullcalendar jquery plugin

WYSIWYG editor for Bootstrap, integrated in Rails assets pipeline

A simple asset-pipeline wrapper for Vue.js by Evan You

Powerful asset pipeline for Jekyll that collects, converts and compresses JavaScript and CSS assets

The Rails asset pipeline replacement for picky front-end developers

This gem packages the bootstrap-datetimepicker for the Rails 3.1+ asset pipeline.

An asset pipeline for Sinatra based on Sprockets.

A console tool for interacting with Shopify Theme Assets.

An attempt to merge most character assets generated by the Liberated Pixel Cup into a single .xcf, where they can be mixed and matched....

The Moment.js JavaScript library ready to play with the Rails Asset Pipeline

Integrate CKEditor javascript library with Rails asset pipeline

An asset pipeline wrapper for the TypeScript language

Font Awesome, SASS version, with assets pipeline, for Rails 3.1+

A Ruby interface to YUI Compressor for minifying JavaScript and CSS assets.

Fast asset compilation and deployment for your Rails app