Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for authorization

Minimal authorization through OO design and pure Ruby classes

Authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails.

The authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails.

Doorkeeper is an OAuth 2 provider for Ruby on Rails / Grape.

Authorization service and frontend for Docker registry (v2)

An unmaintained authorization plugin for Rails. Please fork to support current versions of Rails

*CURRENTLY UNMAINTAINED*. Authority helps you authorize actions in your Rails app. It's ORM-neutral and has very little fancy syntax; just group your models under...

Yet another role-based authorization system for Rails

Authorization for Rails + GUI. Semantic, Flexible, Lightweight

Multi-role and whitelist based authorization gem for Rails (and not only Rails!)

Authorization framework for Ruby/Rails applications

Rails 5.0 starter app with Devise for authentication and Pundit for authorization.

Simple authorization gem for GraphQL :lock:

Ultra lite authorization library

Simple Ruby authorization system.

Rest OAuth2 Server is a Rails 3 app that let you open up your API and manage end-user authentication and client application authorization implementing the OAuth 2....

Modular resource-based authentication and authorization for Rails/Rack

Scope-based authorization for Ruby on Rails.

💂 Simple, declarative, role-based access control system for Rails and Ruby

This plugin provides a flexible way to add authorization to Rails.

Simple and lightweight authorization library for Rails

LOOKING FOR MAINTAINER — OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server as a Rack module

Simple, functional authorization library and role management for ruby

Complete authorization solution for Rails that supports roles and a RESTish, resource-style declaration of permission rules....

Easy to use and read action and content based authorizations.

Add group and membership functionality to your Rails models

Rails 5.0 starter app with Devise and simple role-based authorization.

A set of RSpec matchers for testing Pundit authorisation policies.

Authorization for JSONAPI::Resource

Makes role based authorization in Rails really simple. Wraps CanCan and RoleModel up with a smattering of syntactic sugar, some generators and scopes....

Action Policy integration for GraphQL

Pundit authorization helpers for the GraphQL Ruby gem

Use GitHub as authorization and more. Use organizations and teams as means of authorization by simply wrapping your rails routes in a block. Also useful to get a u...

A small authorization library, inspired by Pundit, but built for scopes

HTTP Authorization helpers for Sinatra