Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for cli builder

A Ruby implementation of a Base16 builder

A Ruby client for the Vault::InvoiceBuilder HTTP API.

CLI application for building characters for Pathfinder 2nd Edition

A Music Theory CLI Application built in Ruby

A command-line application which helps you build jobs through the cli

Simple REST Client builder for Ruby

simple cli builder for use in other projects

PD Client deb package builder

A simple CLI based resume builder using Ruby

Client library for the DAITSS SIP Builder

Utility for quickly building HTTP Clients for APIs

A simple JWT builder with command line interface

Use builder classes to build up data which JS can use.

A Ruby gem for processing CLI arguments using optparse. Adds to optparse a compact builder-style DSL, operand (positional argument) parsing, and easy sharing of a...

A CLI application that allows users to input their data and receive a list of plants best suited to their home and habits...

Small service to generate pdf (Real estate flyers ) using Prawn.rb internally - passing Json to a cli executable....

Ruby CLI builder that you might want

A composable toolset to build delightful command line interfaces.