Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for cli utilities

Sym is a command line utility and a Ruby API that makes it trivial to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data. Unlike many other existing encryption tools, sym focuses...

Saves Pinboard bookmarks as local webloc files on a Mac. Can add thumbnails and save PDF's, with external apps. Works with or the OpenMeta cli utility....

Modbus command line utility

A pluggable CLI utility to send alerts if a given command failed.

Easily create command line utilities for OSX with Rubymotion

Rake-based utility for building multi-stage Dockerfiles.

Foretello data convenience utility: Import and export CSV data

⌨️ Command-line utility for creating Solidus extensions.

MacRuby FSEvents library and CLI utility

:paperclip: A utility to access the systems clipboard from Ruby.

CLI Utility for Interfacing with the Morpheus API CLI utility

Command-line utility to convert static html files to markdown

CLI utility to work with CONTENTdm's Catcher API :baseball: :baseball: :baseball:

DRU - Docker-Compose Run Utility

Utility to do common op5 monitoring server administration tasks from the command line, latest release is 0.1.8...

MRuby command line helper utility.

⬛ Utility for display pictures in iterm2 terminal

A simple toolbox for building utilities that talk to Gmail with OAuth2

Djin is a make-like utility for docker, docker-compose and local commands

Library for creating Rally command line utilities

CLI utility for prometheus2.0

A Cli Jabber notifier utility

Client utilities to wrap OpenNMS restful interface

Hexlet command line utility

LiveJournal CLI posting utility and library

Community utility CLI for React Native projects [work in progress]

Get is CLI utility for link collectiong and automatic downloading files from web. For example it can download all .mov from

utilities for Windows cmd.exe

:computer: Facebook command line utility