Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for code formatting

A Ruby static code analyzer and formatter, based on the community Ruby style guide.

A booster for appium, help you to write automation testcases in YAML format or in table other than in code....

A .clang-format file as similar as you can get to Apples code style.

Define your error with status code. Raise it and you will get formatted response with i18nized message....

Post/zip code formatting and validation for the UK, US, CA and more.

Take your source code and convert them into a beautifully formatted PDF. Features include PDF bookmarks and a bunch of textmate themes to choose from....

Free US and world-wide postal codes in SQLite and CSV format

Genio is an extensible tool that can generate code to consume APIs in multiple programming languages based on different API specification formats....

Danger plugin for code style validation based on clang-format

A Rails plugin for providing JSON API compliant APIs with very little coding.

Parses Ruby code into an improved Ripper AST format

Code to read Rubinius HeapDump format

This is a code formatter plugin for gedit

A script to convert Visual Formatting Language into native Objective C code for iOS developers

t_wada AA formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool

MethodTrails visualizes the method call graph of Ruby source code in Graphviz format.

Generates nicely-formatted ruby source code given a ruby abstract syntax tree (from seattlerb's ruby_parser)....

Library for working with different Steam client (and Source engine) file formats.

A simple way to create issues in the JSON format described in the Code Climate Engine specification

A ruby gem to measure the time taken executing ruby code. It provides a simple way to instrument your code and find bottlenecks and hot spots. It is able to measur...

Logstash decoder for the logfmt format

a trivial psuedo code formatter for jekyll

Experimental Ruby code formatter

Format java/c code like python

List of countries and their subdivisions in SQL format (with Ruby code to generate).

Code payload parser and formatter

Rails gem to validate format of various world postal codes, and more

Statistical Source Code Formatter

NSCoding-inspired library for encoding object graphs in Ruby. Plus optional formatter/decoder for JavaScript....

Code for a little web site which serves up Lighthouse milestones in iCal format.

A program that detects and formats trailing whitespace and extra empty lines in your code and config files....

JSON formatter for SimpleCov code coverage tool for ruby 2.4+

My tutorial code and exercises for learning Ruby Script 😉😉, soon we will publish this course in video format, stay tuned......

Adds support for issue ids in format: CODE-number. This is the fork of Andriy Lesyuk's issue-id Redmine plugin....

Rails-less formatting (numbers, currency) for your unit-testable code.

A Ruby static code analyzer and formatter, based on the community Ruby style guide.