Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for code highlighting

A pure Ruby code highlighter that is compatible with Pygments

Fast and easy syntax highlighting for selected languages, written in Ruby.

Code syntax highlighting plugin via rouge for Middleman

Rack Middleware for code highlighting.

Advanced syntax highlighting for Redmine source code repositories (using Ultraviolet, which is based on Textmate syntax files)....

The source of VS Code's C++ syntax highlighting

Render any text as markdown, with code highlighting and all!

A Jekyll plugin that enables Pygments syntax highlighting for Kramdown-parsed fenced code blocks

Markdown publishing service with mathematical syntax and automatic code highlight.

Git diff with code syntax highlight

Rouge code highlighter support for Asciidoctor (OBSOLETE)

JavaScript syntax code highlighter

Simple bash scanner for highlighting with coderay.

Extension to highlight code in Radiant CMS

Syntax highlighting for Octopress/Jekyll with the {% codeblock %} liquid tag.

A RadiantCMS extension to provide syntax highlighting via the CodeRay ruby gem

Embed highlighted code snippets from a file.

Ruby gem to convert Markdown to styled HTML with highlighted code

Testing, on steriods. Go red with zentest which ensures test coverage and accelerates TDD. Go green with unit_diff using Advanced Diffing Technology™ to highlight...

Add's coderay syntax highlighting to YARD docs

Ruby wrapper for javascript code highlighting libraries

Easily serve your highlighted codefiles from a local webserver

kramdown-syntax-coderay uses coderay to highlight code blocks/spans

highlight your code using the "web service"

Highlights of using Factory Girl for test data building (clinic notes and example code)

Adds CodeRay syntax highlighting to RedCloth, by using a source tag

A Rails plugin that provides helpers to highlight code with pretty TextMate-style highlighting.

Code syntax highlighter for ruby on rails

An simple codepaste based on Sinatra, using Rouge as the highlighter.

Personal website, built with Rails. Has multiple entry formats, code highlighting, etc.

Syntax highlights your codes

Src code highlight, web app.