Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for code loaders

Efficient and thread-safe code loader for Ruby

A wonderfully simple way to load Ruby code

Prevent Rails from auto-loading app/ code when running database migrations

AWS Elastic Beanstalk sample code to run the load testing tool, locust.

Provides a way to load page-specific Javascript code in a Rails app.

Load/require any gem/library simply given its path. Great for nascent gems or for trying the latest code on a gem....

A plugin for Rails that will generate seed data for you or let you load it from Ruby code or from YAML/CSV/XML files....

shake will help you load custom code into your rubymotion apps

An example thor app that dynamically loads in module code

Verify no worker code loads the debugger, since that crashes rdoc and causes issues with gem installation...

Lazy loading of comments into code.

Experiment to implement granular loading of module code in Ruby

Unofficial Braintree component for Volt that provides you with a way to load the Braintree Drop-in with just a few lines of code....

SimpleTemplater is dead-simple solution for creating generators. It strongly uses convention over configuration, so you don't have to write loads of code to genera...

Microgems is drop-in replacement of Minigems which is drop-in replacement of RubyGems. As such, Microgems are the smallest RubyGems implementation ever. It do not...

A code challenge to implement a fortydaysofdating-like html partial load with push state.

Library for decoding Legends of Runeterra deck codes & loading Runeterra Data Dragon metadata

Code of automatic provisioning of an infrastructure of one load balancer, two web servers and one postgres database, on CentOS...

A wonderfully simple way to load your code

(experimental) process supervisor & code pre-loader in a container world

Loading test code needed to Cache Ruby Mechanize gem using VCR gem

Ruby library plus example code to talk to F5 load balancers using the iControl SOAP interface

Hooks for wrapping load of Ruby code in your own methods before they are run by Ruby

Load Runner Ruby Gem allows you to run a block of code many times in parallel, stagger execution or run it for a specific amount of time...

Initial Load plus Reference Code for AIDAP transition

Code Challenge to load a csv into a webpage and have it display as a table.

Just a Ruby script using ActiveRecord to load all the US zip codes into a table.

example app using react-rails, server side rendering, and code splitting using loadable-components

Spree promotions with promo codes loading from file

Sample code form a recent bulk-load system.

Example code for Rails tutorial

Reproduce a Rails 5.1.4 load error that occurs only in production, using as little code as possible.

Ruby gem that allows you to load a ruby file into a module. Think scoping bunch of code inside a module....

This repository contains the source code and Packer configuration files to create an image, for either Hyper-V or Azure, that contains an instance of the Fabio loa...

implemented code from

Code execution by using a Ruby Universal Gadget when an attacker controls the data passed to Marshal.load()....