Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for core extensions

Some useful extensions to the core Ruby classes

🐘🌐 Core PHP extension formulae not suitable for Homebrew/core

PowerCore extends the Ruby Core with useful extensions.

Ruby and Rails core extensions used by GitHub.

A toolkit of support libraries and RubyMotion Core extensions

Ruby core extensions repository (not a gem!)

:gem: A collection of refinements for Ruby core classes with a compatibility mode for older Rubies and a convenient syntactic sugar....

Ruby core extensions library extracted from Merb core.

Extension to Spree featuring Product Groups that were originally part of core prior to 1.1 release.

Utility classes and Ruby extensions for non Rails projects

This is a plugin to that provides our set of customizations and extensions.

Capistrano extension for advanced deployments

The Sensu Core built-in occurrences filter extension

Lightweight Ruby core extensions

MoreCoreExtensions are a set of core extensions beyond those provided by ActiveSupport.

Elegant monkeypatching plus a core library of extensions to the Ruby standard library

A core and extra extension for Ruby. #activesupport

Pure Ruby parser for RSS and Atom feeds designed to be easy to understand and extend. Uses REXML or built-in "tag soup" parser. Supports extensions including Dubli...

Provides an internal extension API to ActiveRecord, in the form of middleware-style callback stacks

Extensions to Core Ruby classes

Transform core extensions into refinements

Useful Extensions to the Ruby Core

Extensions to Ruby String and Hash methods packaged into a plugin

String extension for returning UIBezierPath of the string in a font of your choice, using Core Text

Core extensions of spree for reservebar

*Unfinished* Easily use and share your ruby extensions and other extension libraries ie ActiveSupport, facets...

A collection of Ruby/Rails Core Extensions.

Some extensions to Ruby Core & Stdlib that I use

(unsupported) Alpha: Custom extensions to the RadiantCMS core MultiSite extension: