Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for crm

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The ultimate Ruby on Rails engine for creating real estate websites ⛺

📪 Super customizable Emailing - Personalized Email & Mass emailing & Email CRM & CRM in your Inbox

Ruby library for interacting with Microsoft Dynamics CRM SOAP API

MyIT CRM 2 is a total re-write from the ground up in Ruby/Rails language. MyITCRM2 is a CRM program designed for the Businesses who repair equipment like Computers...

[Retired] Ruby interface to the CRM114 Controllable Regex Mutilator.

Ruby CapsuleCRM API consumer

CoffeeScript app built in Vic Ramon's Ember Tutorial

Sample web-to-lead capture plugin for Fat Free CRM

Zoho CRM API V2 Wrapper

Ember CRM in javascript, Created in Vic Ramon's Ember Tutorial

An ultralight CRM framework

IMAP email plugin for Fat Free CRM

[moved on] CRM for artists

Import Highrise data to Fat Free CRM

This plugin a free clone of Highrise CRM which you can manage customers and contacts, track tasks and store files. Based on Kirill Bezrukov's Contacts plugin....

Fat Free Crm plugin: Google calendar integration

Fat Free Crm plugin: Google account settings for users

A CRM and Newsletter Module for Alchemy CMS

The Cohort CRM - a tag-heavy Rails-based CRM

Tags plugin for Fat Free CRM

Sample application using Fat Free CRM engine

A port of the FatFreeCRM to radiant.

Sample callback hook plugin for Fat Free CRM

Lightweight Open Source Social CRM

Fat Free Crm plugin: Products

Sample Tabs plugin for Fat Free CRM

Insurance CRM Software for Sales & Marketing Automation, It is customer relationship management (CRM) software that automates insurance sales and marketing. For ag...