Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for data visualization

Practical Data Science with Ruby based tools.

A data migration and visualization command line gem in Ruby

Seer is a lightweight, semantically rich wrapper for the Google Visualization API. It allows you to easily create a visualization of data in a variety of formats,...

Visualizing your data in Ruby

Ruby on Rails integration for the Javascript Data Visualization Framework, D3.

Plugins and tools for collecting, processing, managing, and visualizing diagnostics data and configuration...

Slides, code, and supplemental materials for the LiveLesson: Working with Big Data: Infrastructure, Algorithms, and Visualizations...

Ruby gem to store, query, and visualize map data without all the complexity

Your data repository for activities, your platform for your agents, visualizations, notifications, predictions and app connections....

Radial flow (sunburst) data visualization

GeoCMS is a complete open source solution for consuming and visualizing geospatial data

Visualize pipeline definitions for AWS Data Pipeline

transforms location history into a data visualization map

Collect and visualize product related data from Bugzilla and Github

Companion app for Data Visualization Toolkit

Utility to parse and visualize raw Discord data request information

Active Explorer is a Ruby gem for visualization of run-time data and associations represented by Active Record....

A data aggregation and visualization tool for classroom science

Visualization of diabetes data

Map visualizations of Medicare chargemaster and outcomes data

You know, for visualization of Flume Data utilizing Elasticsearch and Kibana.

visualization of cdc data with rails, backbone.js, and d3.js

Mobilize is a script deployment and data visualization framework with a Google Spreadsheets UI. Mobilize uses Resque for parallelization and queueuing, MongoDB for... data visualization tool

A Ruby data-visualization library

Visualizes Appalachian Trail data for the Massachusetts section so hikers can plan for what's ahead

Collects data for visualizing performance of your GraphQL request resolving for applications built with GraphQL-Ruby...

ASCENDS Data Visualization

Companion app for Data Visualization Toolkit

Submission for Boston's Hubhacks2 data visualization challenge -- view it at

Companion app for Data Visualization Toolkit

CIRCA data visualization project

Landing Page for MTC's Data & Visualization Projects

Twitter Data Visualization With Ruby

A Bohconf 2010 Data Visualization Project

YouPlot is a command line tool for Unicode Plotting working with data from standard stream.

YouPlot is a command line tool for Unicode Plotting working with data from standard stream.

NHL Time on Ice Data Scraping and Visualization