Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for database drivers

Modern Ruby database driver for ClickHouse

A Ruby database ActiveRecord driver for ClickHouse

Ruby/Eventmachine driver for 10gen's object database Mongo

FUSE driver for the Riak NoSQL database

A pure Ruby database driver for MonetDB (monetdb5-sql)

MysqlAdapter patch to allow passing driver flags from config/database.ym

Mongo database drivers for volt

PostgreSQL database driver (DBD) for RDBI

An HAProxy driver to test database connectivity

How to use databases from different vendors by ODBC drivers on MacOS

Access Amazon Athena using a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver with JRuby. For information on other connections or to download the Athena driver please refe...

Chef Recipes for CUBRID Database, its drivers, tools, and HA/SHARD configuration.

Wrapper of JDBC Driver of Orientdb database (On development)

A puppet module for managing the freetds database connection driver for linux

Event-driven database drivers for streaming queries.

Versioned database residing in distributed storage using SQL. A command line tool and JDBC driver are provided to connect users....