Top Ruby Frameworks & Libraries for database tools

A tool for programmatically verifying database backups

The tool to find inconsistency between models schema and database constraints.

Useful tools to help construct database queries with ActiveRecord and Arel.

Universal tool to anonymize database. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) data protection act supporting tool....

sport.db - open sports database (e.g. football.db, formula1.db etc.) command line tool and libraries

Forklift: Moving big databases around. A ruby ETL tool.

Command line tool to back up, restore, and provision development databases

csvpack library / gem - tools 'n' scripts for working with tabular data packages using comma-separated values (CSV) datafiles in text with meta info (that is, sc...

world.db - open world database (world.db) command line tool and libraries

Tool for managing and executing your database migrations

Command line tool for generating anonymizing database from existed database

IYE makes it easy to translate your Rails I18N files and keeps them up to date. Unlike a lot of other tools in this space, IYE works directly on the YAML files ins...

Convergence is a pure-Ruby database schema migration tool

Tools to help with managing database operations with Sequel through Rake tasks

An automation tool for generating pgBadger reports from Amazon RDS PostgreSQL database instances.

beerdb gems - open beer database (beer.db) command line tool and libraries

Schemapper is a database-agnostic tool to visualize Rails schemas using D3

:bomb: Kazan creates rails project and setups predefined gems and tools. Env settings, Spec tools, Database settings, development tools. Bonuses for production....

A tool for creating large database clusters quickly.

:taxi: A simple tool for checking PostgreSQL Database in development mode (Quick check database without use rails console), life too short so make it easy...

A tool for backing up remote MySQL databases

sport.db web app - Open Sports Database Web Admin Tool in Ruby on Rails (version 5.2 and up)

Tools for managing PostgreSQL databases

An extension to add a few useful Spree-related database rake tasks.

world.db web app - open world database (world.db) web admin tool in ruby on rails (version 3.2 and up)...

TimescaleDB Homebrew tap, containing formulas for the database, tools, etc.

Easy to configure DB backup tool for simple everyday use on UNIX based systems

Command-line tool for configuration management databases

A rails tool to migrate old (and maybe crappy) databases into new ones

This nifty tool converts your csv into a ActiveRecord model and sqlite database, and then lets you use activerecord/arel/ other awesome ruby gems to query it....

Agile SQL databases and tools for database administrators

Tool for monitoring performance issues of Oracle databases

Nameit is a small zero-dependency library and tool that helps you generate a random name for a project, database, session--you decide. You get glorious adjective-n...

Setup and transform your data before export

ActiveRRD is a tool for having an AR-ish wrapper around Round Robin Databases.

A database, social network and open inovation platform dedicated to show, share, improve and make possible the replication of social and aproprietade techniques, m...